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Wrangler Blog TourJ’ai bien fait de donner une seconde chance à Dani Wyatt. Wrangler est romance contemporaine sympathique et sensuelle au possible, avec des personnages assez attachants.

Je tiens tout de même à prévenir que ce n’est pas le genre de livre qui peut plaire à tout le monde, il faut apprécier les mâles alpha ultra-possessif qui tombe amoureux fou en un seul regard et les problèmes à la pelle.
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wrangler 1Résumé :
Après 5 années de solitude dans l’ouest, Chad Butler remarque une beauté avec des courbes magnifiques dans la foule lors d’une soirée pas loin de chez lui et il sait qu’il doit l’avoir. Il va avoir au lasso cette petite proie et l’attirer directement dans son lit et sa vie.
Rachel Sweeting apprécie le calme qu’elle trouve au cœur des hectares de champs de maïs avec sa tante Jessie. Sa nouvelle vie la garde en sécurité loin de la souffrance et de la honte de son passé. Mais lorsque son camion tombe en panne en plein milieu de la nuit et qu’un cowboy brut de décoffrage qui chevauche à son aide, elle est assommée sur place.
Ses livres de romance lui ont dit que le coup de foudre est véritable et pour la première fois Rachel y croit. Mais lorsqu’une connaissance de son dangereux passé menace leur voyage vers le couchée du soleil, la dévotion de Chad pourra-t-elle être suffisante pour sauver la journée de sa femme ?
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Extrait :
“Lean back. I just want to see something. I won’t hurt you. You know that, don’t you?”
“I don’t know anything about you,” she stutters but she leans back, her hands moving to support her body as she settles against the cotton feed sack behind her.
“Yes you do. You know a lot about me.” I flip the final few inches of her skirt up to her waist, my eyes dropping from her parted, pink lips to see the matching hush of cotton panties covering what’s now mine. “You watched me tonight as much as I watched you. You can learn a lot about someone from watching.”
“I wasn’t watching you.” She does her best to sound indignant and I stifle my chuckle.
“See, like right now.” I drag my fingertips over the slip of fabric between her legs, feeling the warmth and the wetness that’s seeped through. “You’re watching me.” I give her a little grin. Even under my thick beard, I know she sees me.
Fuck, her panties are soaked through and I rasp my fingers over where her clit is hiding under there, listening to the way her breathing hitches and catches with each slight movement of my hand.
I keep my fingers moving, my eyes on hers as I groan the words that fill my throat. “That feels good. So good.” Even my crazy ass knuckles are happy right now just because they get to touch her. That’s how good she feels. My eyes move from her face to watch my hand and the sight makes another few drops of cum drip out of my dick.
“I shouldn’t do this.” Her words don’t match the needy shiver in her voice.
“You’re not doing this, I’m doing this. You’re thanking me. And I told you what I want.”
“What?” Her voice shakes as my fingers trace around the elastic between her pussy and the sensitive crease of her inner thigh making her twitch under my touch.
I push the offending fabric away, slipping the backs of my fingers inside. When my touch meets the first soft brush of her hairless lips I think I might lose my shit right there.
“I said, I want to know how you taste. And that, my sweet Dove, is going to require you spreading your legs and my tongue licking right here.” I dip a fingertip into her folds. She’s hot and dripping as I caress just inside her juicy cunt.
“These have to go,” I mutter, my other hand pulling her panties down a bit more, then reaching into my pocket and flipping open my knife. In one swift motion, before she even knows what’s happening, I slice the blade through the soft fabric and it falls free, still caught under her luscious ass but her slick bare pussy is on full display and I’m captivated.
I snap the blade closed and slip it back into my pocket as her wide eyes look down to see her naked flesh exposed to me.
She shudders, her head falling back and her hair cascades off her shoulders and down her back as she loses the last few inches of her upright position and melts against the feed sacks.
When I do put my cock inside her where it belongs, she will own my ass forever, but I’m pretty sure she already does. “You’re going to cum on my fingers, Dove, so I can taste you on them for the rest of the night. Then, it’s going to be my tongue. You want that, don’t you? You want my tongue inside this pretty cunt.”
I massage her hard little button and she collapses the rest of the way, boneless onto the sacks of feed. Her hands fly to her face, her palms pressing to cover her eyes as her mouth opens. She likes my filthy talk, and that’s good, because I’m going to tell her exactly how much I want her and all the things I intend to do to her. I may be a soft spoken country boy, but she’s released every filthy, depraved thought I’ve stored up and in my mind and it’s poetry.
I explore, shifting my thumb to rub in easy, smooth circles around her clit, reaching two long fingers low to scoop out the nectar that is already streaming from her. “Jesus, you’re so wet. It’s so fucking beautiful.” A little more pressure from my calloused thumb and I slip a finger into her heat. She’s tight as fuck, and my mind can’t stop playing over and over how she will feel the first time I sink my dick into her.
My hard-on is painful, but I know I would lose all control if I let him out, and my little dove isn’t going to have her first time with me in the back of a pickup truck on the side of the road. No, she deserves so much more, and I’m the man who is going to give it to her, just not tonight.
She presses herself upward into my fingers and lets out a whimper, throwing her hands off her eyes and above her head. Her body is tight, like a bow string ready to release.
“Spread your legs, Dove. Wider.” I push my finger into her until she gasps. “Let me see how pretty that pussy is in the moonlight.” Her breath halts, then she does as I say and that bow string pulls back tighter and tighter. When she finally opens her legs to me, I give her what she needs.
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Wrangler Teaser 6L’auteure :
Dani Wyatt aime ses hommes alphas, les fait militaires, cowboys ou champions de MMA, n’importe quel mâle alpha avec une bonne dose de possessivité et une libido insatiable.
Elle est une quadragénaire normale qui adore les mâles alphas badass qui vous font avoir de la chair de poule et qui aiment leurs femmes avec une passion létale.

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