BOOK TOUR : The Spiral Down d’Aly Martinez

spiral down book tourSpiral Down d’Aly Martinez est enfin sortit et il est déjà dévoré ! Coup de coeur pour ce petit bijou de M/M qui est un spin-off de The Fall Up, un de mes tops lectures de 2015. Bref, c’est un livre à lire à tout prix !!
Avis :
the spiral down coverRésumé :
J’avais peur de voler.
Il m’envoie au 7ème ciel.
Après des années à grimper les marches de la célébrité de l’industrie musicale, j’ai enfin tout ce que je voulais.
Et pourtant je me retrouve à errer dans la vie seul.
Le capitaine Evan Roth était l’homme que je n’ai jamais vu venir.
Grand, sombre, mystérieux… hétéro.
Nous étions tous deux endommagé au-delà de toute réparation et à la recherche de quelque chose si éphémère que nous ne savions pas si cela existait.
Mais lorsque deux âmes blessées entrent en collision dans les airs, tomber est une évidence.
Je n’ai simplement jamais imaginé désirer cette chute en chandelle.

Extrait :

“How about you and one of your girls come out to my show in L.A. next week? My treat. Dinner, drinks, the whole deal. Evan and I would love to take you two beautiful ladies out for an evening.”
“Excuse me?” he exclaimed, cocking his head to catch my gaze.
I leaned back into my seat and lifted a hand to massage his shoulder. I was barely able to suppress a moan when the angle of his firm trap muscle met my palm.
Fuck, this guy was built like a brick wall. And I was going to love every second of watching him crumble for me.
“Oh, come on, Evan. It’s the least we can do. Double date.” I winked at Jessica. “You can fly them out! My plane should be ready by then.”
Jessica’s eyes jumped to Evan’s. “You’re a pilot?” Her smile spread irritatingly wide.
Back off, Ginger Spice.
Snapping my fingers in her direction, I corrected, “He’s my pilot.”
Subtlety was not a virtue I possessed. Was subtlety a virtue at all?
“Your temporary pilot,” he amended before shaking his head and then tipping his beer to his lips for a long pull.
“Anyway. Do we have a date?” And, by date, I meant feeding her dinner while I attempted to work my way into Evan’s pants.
She pressed one finger to her lips and then nervously flashed her eyes around the cabin.
“Oops. Sorry.” I shrugged sheepishly. Lifting my drink to my mouth, I discreetly passed her my cocktail napkin and then not-so-discreetly brushed my forearm against Evan’s chest as I pulled away.
He offered her a tight smile just before she disappeared.
I grinned proudly.
“What the fucking hell was that?” he whisper-yelled at me.
“That was me getting a woman’s number.”
He arched an eyebrow. “A woman. Really?”
“What? Is that not allowed?” I feigned innocence.
He clenched his fist in his lap, and it made me suddenly aware that my own hands had stopped trembling—and in record time, I should note. Evan seemed to be quite useful in the art of distraction.
He leaned closer. “Don’t bullshit me. I looked you up. You’re…” He stopped, unwilling to say the big, bad “G” word.
“I’m what?” I taunted.
He rolled his eyes and chugged the rest of his beer.
We went back to silence until Jessica came back by with another drink, complete with her phone number written on the napkin.
“I’m not going on a double date,” Evan said as I tucked the napkin into my pocket. “You want me to fly them out? Not a problem. Schedule it with Jackson. But that’s the extent of my professional responsibilities. And, since I’m off the clock right now, I’d also like to mention that I think whatever play you’re planning to run on that woman is fucked up.”
My head snapped to his. “I’m sorry. Play?” I asked with more attitude than I had originally planned.
“Yes. Play,” he sneered.
I stirred my drink. “Let me get this straight. I’m offering to fly her out in a private jet, feed her dinner at one of the best restaurants in the city, and put her front row at a concert that has been sold out for over a year. That doesn’t seem like a play to me. It sounds like I’m trying to do something nice for a woman I was rude to earlier.” I casually leaned back in my seat. “My conscience doesn’t ‘play’ when it comes to apologies.”
“Right. Well, maybe you should have a chat with your conscience, because she looks like she just won the date of a lifetime. Meanwhile, you don’t even like women.” He stalled, no doubt looking for just the right word to express his disgust without sounding like a bigot. Judging by his gentleness when we’d taken off, he wasn’t the type of guy to go for the fag bomb.
I watched him intently, excited to see how he was going to handle this.
“You’re gay.”
I frowned at his lack of creativity. “Not that it’s any of your damn business. But I’ll have you know I love women.”
It wasn’t a lie. I adored women. Especially Levee and Robin.
I just didn’t like pussy. Meh. Semantics.
He gaped. “You’re bi?”
“And I’ll repeat: None of your damn business. But yeah. Do you have a problem with that?”
Again, it wasn’t necessarily a lie.
Was I bisexual? Fuck no. My cock was in no way an equal opportunity employer.
I was somewhat bilingual though. I knew how to ask for a blow job in English and Spanish. I pretended that was what he meant.
Chupame la verga.
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L’auteure :
aly martinez bioNée et élevée à Savannah en Georgia, Aly Martinez est une mère u foyer de 4 enfants complétement dingue de moins de 5 ans, y comprit une paire de jumeaux. Actuellement vivant en Caroline d Sud, elle passe son peu de temps libre à lire tout et n’importe quoi qu’elle a sous la main, de préférence accompagné d’un verre de vin.
Après quelques encouragements de la part de ses amis, Aly a décidé d’ajouter « Auteure » a sa très longue liste en cours de job. 5 livres plus tard, elle ne montre aucune signe de fatigue. Alors prenez un verre de Chardonnay, ou une bouteille si vous trainez avec Aly, et rejoignez-la à bord de son train fou qu’elle appelle la vie.
Concours (ouvert à l’international) :
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