BLOG TOUR : Black (A Sexy, Modern Fairytale t1) d’Aria Cole

black book tourBlack d’Aria Cole • Author est une romance contemporaine sortit dans la semaine et cette réécriture de la Belle et la Bête est une agréable lecture, même si je l’avoue, je m’attendais à autre chose.
Toujours est-il que cette nouvelle est à seulement $.099, alors profitez-en 😉
Avis :
blackRésumé :
Une bête, seule avec les horreurs de son passé, les cicatrices sur son visage sont un rappel constant de l’homme qu’il est devenu.
Une beauté en fuite avec sa vie en danger, elle se retrouve sur le pas de sa porte en lui demandant sa protection.
Profondément mal comprit et dédié à sa vie de solitaire, Maxwell Black hésite à laisser Elle McKellan entrer dans sa maison où il cache de sombres secrets. Mais il est incapable de résister à la beauté de l’étrange inconnue.
Rapidement, le magnétisme entre eux est indéniable, la tentation est insupportable. Elle, réticente à risquer de perdre son cœur pour l’homme sombre et brisé, se bat contre la tension sexuelle, uniquement pour se soumettre à la chaleur explosible qu’il y a entre eux.
Lorsque la vie d’Elle la rattrape et menace de les séparer, Maxwell protégera le précieux amour qu’il a découvert, par n’importe quel moyen.
“You’re only twenty-one?” I ran a palm through my hair, thinking how I’d already had my dick between her legs, tasted her on my tongue. Jesus, she’s just out of high school. “How can you be so calm? Jesus, I nearly fucked you on my desk. Why didn’t you tell me you were only twenty-one?”
“It won’t make it any less true the more times you say it.” Her eyes flashed. “And we’re not that far apart.” She shrugged, then popped a bite into her mouth.
“Not that far? Ten years seems pretty far to me,” I bit, never feeling so goddamn old as I did sitting next to her in all her pretty, youthful glory. Jesus, she was beautiful. Why was she even here with me? The angry bastard with the nasty scar? I didn’t deserve her.
“Hey, chill out.” She plucked a bite from the plate and held it out for me. I snagged it between my teeth and chewed, never breaking eye contact. Her eyes glistened with amusement as she watched me, her full lips tipped in a Cheshire grin.
“Fine. But maybe don’t tell anyone your age for now,” I ground through my teeth before tightening my palm at her thigh again.
A soft chuckle fell from her lips. “Who would I tell? You’re my only friend.” Her palm covered mine as she threaded her fingers through mine. “What’s with the hands on me all the time thing, anyway?” Elle uttered just as she took another sip of her beer bottle. A girl who drank beer, the walking embodiment of a man’s dream come true. She was so cool, calm, and collected, I could certainly take a play or two from her book.
“Let’s them know you’re mine,” I ground, still uncomfortable with the fact that she was so much younger than me.
“Yours?” She almost spit out her beer with her chuckle. “That’s a little soon, don’t you think?”
“Not when you know,” I answered simply. The silence fell and I knew her mind was probably on fire with thoughts again. “Listen, I don’t want anyone else thinking they have a chance with you. This shows them not to fuck with my property.” I squeezed at her thigh, thinking I’d explained myself sufficiently enough.
“Your property?” Elle hummed as she pushed her half-eaten plate of food away before downing the rest of her bottle. “Your property?”
Oh shit.
“Elle!” I hollered, my thick thighs pushing the table across noisy tile when I stood hastily. “Elle!” I took long strides out the door, feeling at my neck the burn of judgment from everyone in that small place. Fuck this. This was why I didn’t go out in public.
“Goddamn it, slow down!” I boomed down the sidewalk where I saw her clutching her purse and leveling me with a glare. Jesus Christ, this woman was going to be the death of me. “Don’t run from me like that again, hear me?” I cupped her elbow and pressed her body against the cool brick of the building. “You are mine.” I ran my nose up the curve of her neck and nipped at her soft earlobe. “Even if you don’t know it yet, I can feel it,” I grit and thrust my hands into her mass of wild waves, pulling her head to mine and fucking her with my tongue. She returned the gesture, but with more ferocity than she’d ever shown before. I yanked at both of her thighs and pulled her limbs around my waist, angling her against the wall, my cock nestled right between her legs, right where he liked being.
“I’m not yours,” she uttered in protest as she nibbled at my bottom lip.
“The fuck you aren’t.” I gripped at one thigh, my other hand trailing between us to find the slick skin under her skirt and beneath her panties. “And this.” I pulled my thumb through the silky hot flame of her pussy and brought it up to my mouth, letting her arousal glisten across my full lips. “Proves you’re a liar.” I sucked her sweet honeysuckle musk off my thumb, then pulled her lips to mine again, crushing her with bruising force as I tasted her, desperate for more. Always desperate for more when it came to sweet Elle.
BLACK BY ARIALiens d’achat :
L’auteure :
Aria Cole est une femme au foyer trentenaire qui s’est sentit mal une fois de lire des livres coquins tard la nuit et elle a décidé d’écrire les siens. Des mâles alphas possessifs et des héroïnes qui ont du chien qui les aiment sont communs, avec une énorme dose de coup de foudre et de fins heureuses, tellement doux que vous en aurez des caries.
Le nouveau roman d’Aria, Black, est sa première réécriture de conte version moderne.
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