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With-Every-Breath-Release-Week-BlitzRespirez profondément… et sautez !
Demain sort une romance contemporaine New Adult que j’ai plutôt bien apprécié : With Every Breath de Lia Riley (connue en France pour sa trilogie Off the Map). Le hasard des choses a fait qu’on a été contacté par l’auteure afin de lire ce livre qui m’avait tapé dans l’œil il y a de cela plusieurs mois et je n’ai pas été déçue !
L’auteure organise pour l’occasion un concours et plusieurs exemplaires du livre son mis en jeu 😉
Avis :

Riley_With Every Breath_TP

Résumé :
Au bout de la Terre, la Patagonie est une terre où l’ambition trompe la raison et les limites sauvages de La Aguja attire les plus déterminés des grimpeurs. C’est aussi le dernier endroit qu’une fille, qui joue la sureté avant tout comme Auden Woods, s’attendait à se retrouver. Mais elle va lacer ses toutes nouvelles chaussures de marches et faire tout ce qui est en son pouvoir pour assurer le job de ses rêves dans un magazine d’aventures… même si ça la tue. Et il se pourrait bien que ce soit le cas. Quand une catastrophe se déchaine, sa seule chance de survie apparaît sous la forme du plus taciturne et sexy montagnard qui ne soit jamais venu d’Ecosse.
Après qu’un accident d’ascension lui ait coûté son frère, l’escaladeur professionnel  Rhys MacAskill n’est pas au bout de sa corde. La rédemption n’est pas dans son avenir. C’était le cas jusqu’à ce qu’une terrible tempête souffle une journaliste paumée dans sa tente et que leur survie jusqu’au petit matin est entre ses mains. Malgré les démons qui le hantent, Rhys ne peut pas résister à la tentation de la charmante américaine et une seule nuit de folie n’est pas suffisante.
Auden et Rhys apprennent rapidement qu’il n’y a pas de raccourcis pendant qu’ils naviguent entre la vie, la mort et l’expiation, et ils découvrent quelque chose d’inattendu : l’amour.


Extrait :

Even in my sleeping bag and dry shirt, her teeth chatter. If she balked at my request to undress, she’s going to go ape over this. Fuck it. There isn’t a choice.
A thin furrow appears between her brows. “Yeah?”
My stomach tightens. “I’m going to warm you.”
“How?” Her eyes widen.
I can’t hold her gaze and say what I must. “Body‑to‑body contact.”
The world outside rips apart, but in the tent, a heavy silence reigns. She shifts to a half sit. “Oh, no, it’s OK. Look, I’ll be better in a few minutes.”
“You said yourself the cold makes your asthma worse.”
“Yes, but—”
“I know you don’t have a reason to trust me. In fact, if this were normal circumstances, I’d no’ recommend it. But here we are.”
“Nothing about today is normal.” She slowly reclines to the mat, folding her arms across her chest like a mummy, eyes screwed shut.
“No harm’s going to come to you.” It sounds like I’m making a solemn oath.
She opens one eye, gives me an unfathomable look, before closing it again. I’m not used to a woman regarding me like something to endure. Uncertainty weaves through me.
I ease beside her. “This’ll go easier if you turn to the side.” Away from me.
“Good idea.” She rolls to face the tent wall. Her features are hidden, but I can hear each uneven breath, the slightly shuddering inhalation followed by a pause before giving way to a raspy exhalation.
She remains still when I reach, warily securing a handhold on her ribs, their sudden rise and fall the only sign of her silent gasp. “This all right?”
She utters no reply only a brief nod and grips the sleeping bag tighter.
“Everything will be fine, I promise you.” I keep my voice cool, aloof. Give no sign that my chest aches, as if instead of a heart, a great wallowing drunk stumbles about. I never cuddle. Prior to my last girlfriend, Sadie, my dealings with the opposite sex were kept to simple and straightforward shags. Occasionally girls tried to compete with the mountains, but they never stood a chance.
Auden gives another tentative nod, and her scent invades my senses, simple and straightforward, a hint of sweat from exertion, combined with the fresh fragrance of rain. She begins to settle, her violent shiver attacks growing fewer and further between, same with her coughing fits. I keep my pose rigid, controlled, resisting the mad urge to relax into her body as blood pounds thickly in my ears. I can’t do this, be with another person, be human. I need to be a machine. A robot with one goal and one goal alone. To conquer a mountain like La Aguja there can be no room left inside me for any other desire.
When my mind quiets and other wants are eliminated, my attention naturally focuses on visualizing the climb. Once on the rock, this single-minded concentration will translate effortlessly into correct hand- and footholds or gear placements. In order to climb like you are the only person in the world, you can’t care about anything other than living in the moment. There can be no significant other in the mind’s periphery wielding the power to distract.
Outside the wind shakes the nylon, redoubling its assault. Zipped tight, shut away from the world, we could be anywhere. I’d always appreciated that about tents, how once inside, you became the ruler of your own cramped kingdom of cast-off socks, sleeping bags, and carefully chosen gear. This time in Valle del Frances, away from the scene at the main climbing camp, is meant to be a chance to establish a cease-fire in the battle with myself. Being in a tent, in the wilderness, far from a world I don’t understand and that sure as hell doesn’t understand me, is calming.
Now Auden Woods has come along and triggered a whole new conflict with her icy blue eyes.
Icy blue eyes? Looks like prolonged abstinence brings out a lad’s poetic side. If she looks back, she’ll see my mouth twisted in a humorless smile.
She doesn’t, though. She’s too busy trembling, and so I gather her closer, an unfamiliar protective sensation welling inside me. “Better?” I whisper, more a hoarse croak than anything gallant.
“Yes,” she says, turning, her full lips slightly parting to offer the word.
We’re two strangers, haven’t even shaken hands, and yet our bodies press flush. Despite every intention, mine starts to react, and Christ, quick, what are unsexy topics to ponder? When in doubt, go for geology. The Andes are the result of which type of plate boundary?
Conquering La Aguja is going to take all my mental resources. The next few days are needed for getting focused, concentrated, and prepared for the challenge ahead. Auden shifts, drawing closer, and my next breath is almost as ragged as hers.
Aye, this girl is just the sort of distraction that could ruin everything.


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L’auteure :

Lia Riley_Photo Credit Kitti Homme2
Après avoir étudié à l’Université du Montana-Missoula, Lia Riley a parcourut le monde armée uniquement de son sac à dos, sa confiance survitaminée et un terrible sens de l’orientation. Lorsqu’elle ne torture pas ses héros (parce que franchement, qui n’aime pas un bon héros bien torturé ?), Lia élève des poules indisciplinées, elle campe, elle récupère des coquillages sur la page, rêve de ses rêves qui ne sont pas encore écris, nage à travers sa PAL de 10 km de long et planifie ses prochains voyages. Elle et sa famille vivent la plupart du temps dans le nord de la Californie.

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10 exemplaires de With Every Breath sont à gagner


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